Best Exercise Equipment to Lose Weight at Home

Finding the motivation to hit the gym is not always easy. In fact, going to the gym now with the COVID-19 pandemic is far from easy. But, what if you didn’t have to go to the gym to get your workout done? And, what if every exercise equipment you needed was right there in your spare room or garage? If weight loss is your goal, before you make a purchase it’s important that you think about the Best Exercise Equipment to Lose Weight at Home.

Getting your workouts done especially losing weight at home has become the perfect solution for hundreds of thousands around the world. Creating a home gym might be easy said than done for most of us. Just imagine putting together a treadmill or lugging weights from a gym store to your home. Tiring, right? Despite that being a strenuous work, it can be a worthwhile investment especially if you’re looking forward to lose weight.

Best Exercise Equipment to Lose Weight at Home

Choose one of these exercise equipment from these and you’ll indeed lose weight at home.


Well, many people may scoff at the idea of purchasing a home treadmill. I mean why not just go and run outside? It’s absolutely free! It may seem as a noble reason, but as the lockdown extends and we have no idea when all this will come to an end, then a treadmill is an ideal exercise equipment to have at home. One of the reasons is that during winter you won’t be able to go for the morning runs.

Treadmills cost between £500 to £1,500, which comes with all features a regular runner wants. When it comes to space, you should note that a treadmill is not compact. Therefore, once you purchase ensure you have two meters behind the treadmill, a half meter on each side, and one meter in front of the treadmill.

Exercise bike

With a budget of £150, you can have an excellent exercise bike. If you would wish to go for the elite-standard bikes, then be ready to part with £2,000. Exercise bikes can easily be moved from one place to another and they don’t occupy much space; therefore, making them best exercise equipment to lose weight at home.

Stair stepper

Climbing stairs is the real deal when it comes to burning calories. It is a very ideal gym equipment as it takes little amount of space floor. The challenge comes with the height. Once you decide to purchase one, watch out your ceiling as some stair steppers may require up to 10-foot ceilings to accommodate the height of the stepper. With a budget of between £150 and £300, you can get yourself a stair stepper.

Rowing machine

It is a great option for cardio and weight loss exercises at home. If you’re an Olympian, then the best rowing machine for you will go at around £1,000. However, there are cheap options between £250 and £550 that a non-Olympian can use. Most rowing machines can be fold up and tucked away in the store; therefore, you’ll only need a small workout space when you want to use one.


The major advantage of cross-trainers is that they provide complete body workout because you can push with your hands at the same time cycle. That’s a big plus for someone to looking to lose weight as you will burn calories at the same time work on your body joints. The price might be a little on the higher side as a whole unit comes in somewhere between £250 and £800. When it comes to space, you’ll need a big space as it takes up as much space as a treadmill.  A couple of feet clearance from the cross-trainer should be fine.

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