Coolboard Balance Board

If you are looking for a fun way to exercise while you’re bored in lockdown, a balance board is a great option and the Coolboard Balance board is one of the best around. Unlike modern toys, this one actually requires you to move your body and acts as a great fitness product. 

What is a balance board?

A balance board, as the name implies, is a simple 3D printed board that is usually in the form of a plank. There are even uniquely shaped balance boards like the Coolboard balance board, which looks like a surfboard and intended exclusively for exercise. 

Balance boards are also used by patients for physical therapy, brain development and personal development. 

Why is the Coolboard balance board good?

The Coolboard balance board is a hand-crafted 3D printed balance board that claims to last an entire lifetime. The creator exclaims that he has spent the last 12 years perfecting the balance board so that everyone can benefit from the balance board. 

The Coolboard balance board is one of the best balance boards because it emphasizes both quality, and usability.

Key features of Coolboard

Here are some main reasons that make the Coolboard balance board the best balance board at its price point:

  • High-quality ply – The Coolboard balance board uses high-quality ply for its top section – which is one of the strongest wood plies available right now.
  • 3D printed board – The plyboard is highly customized by the manufacturer and is built as clean as possible. Smooth edges reduce the risk of getting blisters or cuts from jagged edges. 
  • Perform various exercises – The plank can be used to perform various exercises like sliding plank, coolboard crunch, inclined squat, bondi balance, pro tips, punishing push-up and Waikiki lift. 
  • Can be used by professionals – Because of the very nature of the high-quality board, it is supposed to be used by athletes and is an exercise-oriented board. 
  • Can handle stress – the board can fundamentally handle any amount of weight, as long as weight is applied equally on both sides. Because it is laminated at the bottom, and is quite dense, it should be able to handle a lot of stress.

What are the different types of balance boards?

Balance boards are available in hundreds of different models. Listing them all would not be something reasonable so we have classified all types into six distinct categories: 

Rocker board

Rocker boards are the most basic boards that have a fulcrum attached to the board’s underside. They offer only one degree of movement. Rocker boards are usually tilted in one direction, and are used for basic gym exercises.


Rocker-roller boards are more unstable than rocker boards as they are technically based on a cylindrical roller. Different rocker-rollers have different types of cylindrical rollers. Many circus performers “rola bolas” use rocker-roller boards to perform various acts.

Wobble board

Quite possibly the most difficult boards of all time, wobble boards are a semi-sphere board whose flat side is attached to the board’s underside. They are usually used in child development and gymnasiums. Rehabilitation centers often employ wobble boards to fix ankle, knee and hip injuries. 

Some other places where wobble boards are usually found are amusement parks where they are used as toys. 

Sphere-and-ring board

Sphere-and-ring boards use an inflatable rubber ball or a solid polyurethane ball to balance a board. The that we mentioned earlier is a type of sphere-and-ring board. Sphere-and-ring boards are usually used for medical and exercise purposes. 

Final Thoughts:

Be sure to use protective equipment when using balance boards, as falls from these boards are known to lead to broken bones, sprained joints and even tendon tears.

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