3 Week Diet Review

The Three Week Diet is a new weight loss plan created by Brian Flatt. Flatt’s system includes four books: and introduction, a diet manual, an exercise manual, and a mindset and motivation manual. Flatt promises that if people use all four of the books and follow the Three Week Diet Plan exactly, they are guaranteed to lose weight.

Flatt claims that in just 21 days, users will see a 12 to 23 pound reduction in body fat, dropping 2 to 3 dress sizes, decreased cellulite, increased energy, improved cholesterol, losing 2 to 4 inches in your waistline, increased muscle tone, faster metabolism, healthier skin and hair, and more.

The 3 Week Diet

The system is $47 and includes each of the four books as well as some bonus material. Users also get all of the books in downloadable pdfs so they can start immediately.  There is also a 60 day money back guarantee if you don’t see the results promised.

3 Week Diet Review – What are people saying?

As with any diet plan, the reviews are varied. There are people who have lost the full 23 pounds and people who didn’t lose any weight. To help you, we’ve chosen some positive and negative reviews so you can evaluate for yourself if the Three Week Diet is right for you.

Skinny Express

The first review comes from Maggie. In her Skinny Express blog post, she writes about trying every diet under the sun and failing to lose weight each and every time. Then she came across the Three Week Diet and decided to give it a shot. She struggled a little bit at the beginning but after the 21 days were up, she stepped on the scale and found out she lost 17 pounds. She decided to do the diet and exercise plan for another three weeks and lost another 19 pounds. The diet worked well for Maggie and she saw a lot of the positive results that the diet claims to deliver.

Weigh to Diet

Another review comes from Kate Woollands writer and creator of the blog “Weigh to Diet.” She had a tester, Karen, go on the Three Week Diet so they could see what the results were. Karen found that the diet did work well, but it could have worked better if she was more strict about it and cheated less. She also found that the diet was not good for vegans or vegetarians. The diet portion of the plan focuses on low-carb and Karen found that a little too restrictive for her. Bottom line: the plan worked for Karen, but she didn’t lose 23 pounds in 21 days.


The Three Week Diet was also reviewed by Kate of LeanGreenRunnerBean. Kate really liked that the plan was easy an easy to follow full system and enjoyed that there seemed to be a scientific backing to each part of the diet plan. She does make a point to say that diets on work if you put effort in and the Three Week Diet is no exception. You have to work for the results, but she gave the overall plan a 4.5/5 in her review.

The 3 Week Diet

Alternative Opinions…

Now, there are some reviews that aren’t quiet as positive. For example, Summer Banks’ article on Diet Spotlight points out that the claims made on the Three Week Diet website are a little concerning due to how unrealistic they seem. She also acknowledges that there are a few negative reviews from people who purchased the plan who wish they didn’t buy it. She also notes that there is a distinct lack of solid scientific facts and evidence to back up the diet’s claims and promises. While she doesn’t go so far as to say, “Don’t trust this,” Summer does note that if the lack of science concerns you, you might want to go with a different plan.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Three Week Diet could be a good option if you are looking to lose weight quickly and are willing to stick to and follow the plan in its entirety, but it doesn’t work in all circumstances or for all people.



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