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The balance board is becoming an increasingly popular piece of fitness equipment that people can use at home to improve stability and core strength. With such a wide variety of possible balance board exercises this rise in popularity will not have come as a surprise to many.

In this article we’ll have a look at a few different options to help you find the best balance board for you.

Best Balance Board 2020

According to Wikipedia there are now “more than a hundred models of balance boards on the market in the United States”. This ranges from very simple inexpensive styles that are used in rehabilitation, to more serious exercise balance boards, and there are several different brands competing for market share.

Some of the more popular manufacturers include:

  • Indoboard – While originally designed with surfers in mind, “in recent years Indo Board Balance Trainers have become increasingly popular as a tool for improving balance and for proprioceptive conditioning in all types of athletes in sports ranging from archery to ice hockey.” This is a rocker-roller style board (though other variations are available) and is one of the most popular on the market.

    Indo Board

    IndoBoard available from Amazon (Link)

  • Rooboard – Rooboard brands itself as “the balance board reinvented” and is designed to be smaller and more portable than other boards. “Inventor, Mason Gilmour-Platt, a lifelong surfer and fitness expert, designed a single product that would replicate the exercises performed on multiple pieces of equipment. He created a product that is indestructible and compact enough to fit in a backpack with room for a laptop and your lunch. In doing so he also created a unique micro fitness product that is transforming the core strength of its users.” (Amazon UK link: Rooboard Balance And Core Board – Pro Package)
  • Vew-do – “What began over 20 years ago as the desire to improve people’s abilities on snowboards has quickly evolved into the desire to improve people’s lives by instilling in them the tools to build a more solid core. BDI has created a niche corner for fitness, balance, and fun, by exploring different markets that could benefit from balance training. Brew and Balance Design Inc. continues being inspired by the past, while using the technology of today, to pioneer the future of balance.” (Amazon:Vew-Do Flow Balance Board with Rock)
  • StrongBoard Balance – Unlike some of the other boards the StrongBoard Balance board uses springs. “When a user stands on the board, the springs compress, instantly activating all the muscles in the body, while the muscles seek stabilization. (See pic at the top of the page).
  • FitterFirst – FitterFirst offer a range of balance training aids, including the Extreme Balance Board Pro which is designed to be a greater challenge for people who have used simpler balance boards. It offers a complete “multi-directional range of movement (front to back, side to side, full rotation and all angles of tilt)”

    FitterFirst Extreme Balance Board Pro

    FitterFirst Extreme Balance Board Pro Available from Amazon (Link)

  • CoolBoard – UK company CoolBoard Ltd offers a slightly different experience from some of the other types of boards because the object you balance on is a ball, and is not fixed to the base, allowing for a far greater range of motion.
    • CoolBoard Founder Nic Smith said “Being on a ball, CoolBoard is by far the most functional balance board available, whether for balance and agility, strength training, weight loss… the free movement makes it more effective for all types of training.  CoolBoard gets real addictive – it feels like you’re surfing or snowboarding at home.  For those not used to balance training we offer our Easy Start Balance Disc as an option.”
    • CoolBoard has been making their balance boards and balls for over 10 years, and ship internationally, including to the US.
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