Kettlebell Swing Benefits

The kettlebell may look relatively simple compared to most gym equipment, but its simplicity hides some of the most intense and effective exercises available to the fitness fanatic. There’s a bit of a buzz surrounding kettlebells at the minute and it’s no surprise when you consider that they can build strength, improve posture and burn those stubborn calories that we’re so attracted to.

However, what are all the benefits behind these amazing kettlebell swing results?

Kettlebell Swing Benefits

Improved Aerobic Capacity

One of the best kettlebell swing benefits is the effect that they have on your aerobic capacity. After all, no one wants to get out of breath when running up a flight of stairs, so any exercise which can enhance the performance of your heart and lungs is a winner. Key to maximising the aerobic benefits is sticking to a steady rhythm and performing high numbers of reps to really increase your endurance levels.

Increase Your Power

A good kettlebell swing workout routine will lead to some serious gains in power thanks to the explosive movements involved. Combining hip thrusts that incorporate the lower back, glutes and hamstrings, kettlebell swings target all the major muscles involved in lifting and running. And, by working all these muscle groups in just one exercise, you’re going to find that your strength levels go through the roof and help you in all aspects of life be it in fitness or everyday life.

Burn Fat

People exercise not only to lose fat, but to keep it bay as well and this is where kettlebell swings can really lend a helping hand. If you’ve ever seen anyone after a kettlebell workout then you’ll know that they’re always drenched in sweat. And this is due to the amount of effort that gets packed into a short amount of time. Effort, of course, burns calories and the more concentrated this effort, the more calories you burn. This approach to tackling calories can only lead to one result: decreased body fat.

Improved Heart Health

Thanks to the combination of strength training and cardio, a good kettlebell swing workout routine will provide incredible benefits for the health of your heart. In particular, you can expect to reap the benefits of:

  • A decrease in resting blood pressure
  • A reduction in bad cholesterol
  • Weight loss which reduces stress on the heart

Increased Toning

Bicep curls and triceps extensions may look intense, but they’re only isolated exercises and, accordingly, fail to work many muscles at once. One of the major kettlebell swing benefits, however, is that they target almost every muscle in your lower, middle and upper body with just one exercise. And by incorporating your whole body into one movement, you will find that you’re able to combine muscle contractions with full body stabilisation to tone every muscle and leave you looking amazing.

As you can see, there are some powerful kettlebell swing benefits on offer if you’re prepared to grasp the kettlebell handle and push yourself to your limits. As ever, good form is important, but once you’ve got this down then you should expect to see the significant benefits in next to no time.

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